A data frame with 26182 rows and 20 variables


A dataset with variables as follows:

  • RGSTATUS N Was a screening visit/ADNI2 initial visit performed?

  • RGSOURCE N Who participated in this visit?

  • PTSTATUS N NA Participant Status:

  • VISTYPE N NA Visit Type:

  • CHANGTR N NA Would you like to change this visit's track or the participant's visit schedule?

  • CGTRACK N NA Please select from the following visit's tracks:

  • CGTRACK2 N NA Please select from the following visit schedule:

  • RID N Participant roster ID

  • SITEID N Site ID

  • VISCODE T Visit code

  • USERDATE S Date record created

  • RGCONDCT N Was this visit conducted?

  • RGREASON N Reason why the visit was not conducted:

  • RGOTHSPE T If Other, specify:

  • EXAMDATE D Examination Date

  • RGRESCRN N Is this a rescreen?

  • RGPREVID T If Yes, what was the participant's initial ID number?

  • USERDATE2 S Date record last updated