Publicity Tracking



A data frame with 2613 rows and 41 variables


A dataset with variables as follows:

  • REFERRAL N NA Do you have a referral code for this participant?

  • REFERCODE T NA If Yes, enter referral code:

  • HEARD N NA 1. How did you hear about the study?

  • HRDSPCFY T NA Please provide specifics here for how you heard about the study.

  • WHOMHRD N NA 2. From whom did you hear about the study?

  • WHOMSPCFY T NA If Other, specify:

  • COMM T NA Comments:

  • RID N NA Participant roster ID


  • VISCODE T NA Visit code

  • USERDATE S NA Date record created

  • USERDATE2 S NA Date record last updated

  • INTERNAL T NA Internal

  • DOCTOR T NA Doctor's Office

  • COMMNEWS T NA Community Newspaper

  • MAJORNEWS T NA Major Newspaper

  • MAGAZINE T NA Magazine

  • OTHERPUB T NA Other Publication

  • OTRPUBSO T NA Specify Publication

  • OTHPUBTYP T NA Indicate:

  • MOUTH T NA Word of Mouth

  • MOUTHSO T NA Specify Other:

  • NEWSLETTER T NA Organization Newsletter

  • NESWSLORG T NA Specify Organization:

  • NEWSLSO T NA Specify Other:

  • TELEVISION T NA Television

  • HEALTHFAIR T NA Health Fair

  • ALZASSOC T NA Alzheimer's Association

  • WEBSITE T NA Website

  • WEBSITESO T NA Specify Other:

  • SNAILMAIL T NA Direct Mail

  • SNMAILORG T NA Specify Organization:

  • EMAIL T NA E-Mail

  • EMAILORG T NA Specify Organization:

  • PRESENT T NA Presentation

  • PRESENTORG T NA Specify Organization:

  • OTHERORG T NA Other Organization<p>Specify:

  • RADIO T NA Radio<p>Specify Station:

  • PRIORTRIAL T NA Involved in Prior Clinical Trials<p>Specify Trials: