PIB Scan Information



A data frame with 257 rows and 75 variables


A dataset with variables as follows:

  • RID N Participant roster ID

  • SITEID N Site ID

  • VISCODE T Visit code

  • USERDATE S Date record created

  • PBCONDCT N Was the scan conducted?

  • PBREASON N Reason why the scan was not conducted:

  • PBOTHSPE T If Other, specify:

  • EXAMDATE D Examination Date


  • PBGEMODEL N If GE, Scanner Model:


  • PBSIEMODEL N If Siemens/CTI, Scanner Model:

  • PBPHILLIPS T Phillips

  • PBPHMODEL N If Phillips, Scanner Model:

  • PBQCTIME T Time of today's Scanner QC

  • PBPIBTIME T Time of PIB dose assay

  • PBPIBDOS N PIB dose assay

  • PBRESTIME T Time of residual PIB assay

  • PBRESID T Residual left in syringe

  • PBINJDOS N Net injected dose of PIB

  • PBPIBVOL N PIB volume

  • PBINJTIME T Time of PIB injection

  • PBSCTIME T Time scan started (emission)

  • PBSCANCOM T Provide an explanation if start time is not within the allowable window

  • PBVARIAT N Any variations from protocol during PIB uptake?

  • PBVARSP T If Yes, describe:

  • PBPROTID T Predefined acquisition protocol ID

  • PBSTATDYN N Indicate whether scan was static or dynamic:

  • PBNMFRAM1 N 1. No. of Frames

  • PBDURATN1 N Duration:

  • PBNMFRAM2 N 2. No. of Frames:

  • PBDURATN2 N Duration:

  • PBNMFRAM3 N 3. No. of Frames:

  • PBDURATN3 N Duration:

  • PBNMFRAM4 N 4. No. of Frames:

  • PBDURATN4 N Duration:

  • PBNMFRAM5 N 5. No. of Frames:

  • PBDURATN5 N Duration:

  • PBNMFRAM6 N 6. No. of Frames:

  • PBDURATN6 N Duration:

  • PBNMFRAM7 N 7. No. of Frames:

  • PBDURATN7 N Duration:

  • PBNMFRAM8 N 8. No. of Frames:

  • PBDURATN8 N Duration:

  • PBNMFRAM9 N 9. No. of Frames:

  • PBDURATN9 N Duration:

  • PBNMFRAM10 N 10. No. of Frames:

  • PBDURATN10 N Duration:

  • PBMOTION N Subject motion problems:

  • PBMOTSP T If yes, describe:

  • PBMALFUN N Scanner malfunction

  • PBMALSP T If yes, describe:

  • PBOTHER N Other protocol variations:

  • PBOTHSP T If yes, describe:

  • PBRECON N Check which of the following reconstructions was used:

  • PBSUBSET N # subsets:

  • PBSUBSPE N If Other, specify

  • PBITERAT N # iterations:

  • PBITERSPE N If Other, specify:

  • PBRAMLA N If Ramla, Lambda=0.016?

  • PBFILTER N If Back Projection, Ramp filter?

  • PBMODEON N If FORE/2D-OSEM, Brain Mode "ON" for PET only scanners or TRIM "ON" for PET/CT scanners?

  • PBSMOOTH N No post-process smoothing:

  • PBDECAY N Decay Correction

  • PBSCATTR N Scatter Correction:

  • PBMATTEN N Attenuation Correction:

  • PBTRSNFR N Was data transferred to LONI within 24 hours of scan?

  • PBTRNDATE D Transfer Date

  • PBTRNCOM T Comments

  • PBARCHIVE N Data Archived Locally

  • PBARCMED T Archive Medium

  • PBARCCOM T Comments

  • USERDATE2 S Date record last updated


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