PET QC Tracking



A data frame with 4385 rows and 48 variables


A dataset with variables as follows:


  • LONIUPDT D YYYY-MM-DD Date uploaded to LONI

  • REVDT D YYYY-MM-DD Date Reviewed

  • ALLFRAME N NA Were all frames acceptable?

  • UNUSABL T NA If No, indicate which frames were unacceptable

  • UNRSN N NA If No, indicate why frames were unacceptable

  • UNRSNSPEC T NA If Other, Specify

  • SCANQLTY N NA Scan Pass QC?

  • REPROCREQ N NA Reprocessing requested?

  • PROCERR T NA If Yes, select processing error(s)

  • PROCERRSPEC T NA If Other, Specify

  • RESCANREQ N NA Rescan requested?

  • COMM T NA Comments

  • RID N Participant roster ID

  • SITEID N Site ID

  • VISCODE T Visit code

  • USERDATE S Date record created


  • SCAN N Scan

  • EXAMDATE D Examination Date

  • PQFILENO N Upload Number

  • PQDATTRA D Date images uploaded to LONI

  • LONIUID T LONI Unique Series ID

  • PQDATE D Date reviewed

  • PQACQFR N Acquisition

  • PQCORALG N Correct Reconstruction Algorithm?

  • PQRECON N Check which of the following reconstruction algorithms was used

  • PQCORNUM N If OSEM or Ramla, correct # iterations and subsets?

  • PQCORFIL N Correct Filters/TRIM?

  • PQCORTHI N Correct Slice Thickness (PET/CT systems)?

  • PQVOXEL N Acceptable Voxel Size?

  • PQALLFRAME N Were all frames acceptable?

  • PQUNUSABLE T Indicate which frames were unacceptable:

  • PQREASON T Indicate why frames were unacceptable:

  • PQREASSP T If Other, Specify:

  • PASS N Pass QC?

  • PQPROERR T A. Processing Error(s)

  • PQERRSP T Specify

  • PQACTION N B. QC outcome

  • PQNONESP T Reason for not rescanning

  • PQISSUES T Imaging issues

  • PQISSOTH T Other, specify

  • COMMENTS T Additional QC Comments

  • QUARANTINE N Release from quarantine?

  • PAYSITE N Pay Site?

  • USERDATE2 S Date record last updated