Neuropsychiatric Inventory Q



A data frame with 7073 rows and 37 variables


A dataset with variables as follows:

  • NPDATE D NA Date collected

  • SPID N NA Study Partner ID:

  • SOURCE N NA Information Source

  • RID N Participant roster ID

  • SITEID N Site ID

  • VISCODE T Visit code

  • USERDATE S Date record created

  • EXAMDATE D Examination Date

  • NPISOURCE N Information Source

  • NPIA N Does P believe that others are stealing from him/her, or planning to harm him/her in some way?

  • NPIASEV N Severity Ratings <!--A. Delusions-->

  • NPIB N Does P act as if he/she hears voices? Does he/she talk to people who are not there?

  • NPIBSEV N Severity Ratings <!--B. Hallucinations-->

  • NPIC N Is P stubborn and resistive to help from others?

  • NPICSEV N Severity Ratings <!--C. Agitation/Aggression-->

  • NPID N Does P act as if he/she is sad or in low spirits? Does he/she cry?

  • NPIDSEV N Severity Ratings <!--D. Depression/Dysphoria-->

  • NPIE N Does P become upset when separated from you? Does he/she have any other signs of nervousness, such as shortness of breath, sighing, being unable to relax, or feeling excessively tense?

  • NPIESEV N Severity Ratings <!--E. Anxiety-->

  • NPIF N Does P appear to feel too good or act excessively happy?

  • NPIFSEV N Severity Ratings <!--F. Elation/Euphoria-->

  • NPIG N Does P seem less interested in his/her usual activities and in the activities and plans of others?

  • NPIGSEV N Severity Ratings <!--G. Apathy/Indifference-->

  • NPIH N Does P seem to act impulsively? For example, does P talk to strangers as if he/she knows them, or does P say things that may hurt people's feelings?

  • NPIHSEV N Severity Ratings <!--H. Disinhibition-->

  • NPII N Is P impatient or cranky? Does he/she have difficulty coping with delays or waiting for planned activities?

  • NPIISEV N Severity Ratings <!--I. Irritability/Lability-->

  • NPIJ N Does P engage in repetitive activities, such as pacing around the house, handling buttons, wrapping strings, or doing other things repeatedly?

  • NPIJSEV N Severity Ratings <!--J. Aberrant Motor Behavior-->

  • NPIK N Does P awaken you during the night, rise too early in the morning, or take excessive naps during the day?

  • NPIKSEV N Severity Ratings <!--K. Sleep-->

  • NPIL N Has P lost or gained weight, or had a change in the food he/she likes?

  • NPILSEV N Severity Ratings <!--L. Appetite-->

  • NPISCORE N Total Score

  • USERDATE2 S Date record last updated