A data frame with 7657 rows and 52 variables


A dataset with variables as follows:

  • MCDATE D YYYY-MM-DD Date collected

  • SOURCE N NA Information Source


  • RID N NA Participant roster ID


  • VISCODE T NA Visit code

  • USERDATE S NA Date record created

  • USERDATE2 S NA Date record last updated

  • TRAILS N NA Trails

  • CUBE N NA Copy Cube

  • CLOCKCON N NA Draw Clock - Contour

  • CLOCKNO N NA Draw Clock - Number

  • CLOCKHAN N NA Draw Clock - Hands

  • LION N NA Lion

  • RHINO N NA Rhinoceros

  • CAMEL N NA Camel

  • IMMT1W1 N NA Immediate (#1): Face

  • IMMT1W2 N NA Immediate (#1): Velvet

  • IMMT1W3 N NA Immediate (#1): Church

  • IMMT1W4 N NA Immediate (#1): Daisy

  • IMMT1W5 N NA Immediate (#1): Red

  • IMMT2W1 N NA Immediate (#2): Face

  • IMMT2W2 N NA Immediate (#2): Velvet

  • IMMT2W3 N NA Immediate (#2): Church

  • IMMT2W4 N NA Immediate (#2): Daisy

  • IMMT2W5 N NA Immediate (#2): Red

  • DIGFOR N NA Digits Forward

  • DIGBACK N NA Digits Backward

  • LETTERS N NA List of Letters/Tapping: # Errors

  • SERIAL1 N NA Serial 7: 1st Subtraction

  • SERIAL2 N NA Serial 7: 2nd Subtraction

  • SERIAL3 N NA Serial 7: 3rd Subtraction

  • SERIAL4 N NA Serial 7: 4th Subtraction

  • SERIAL5 N NA Serial 7: 5th Subtraction

  • REPEAT1 N NA Repeat Sentence: I only know that John is the one to help today.

  • REPEAT2 N NA Repeat Sentence: The cat always hid under the couch when dogs were in the room.

  • FFLUENCY N NA Letter Fluency - F: Total number of correct words

  • ABSTRAN N NA Abstraction: train-bicycle

  • ABSMEAS N NA Abstraction: watch-ruler

  • DELW1 N NA Delayed: Face

  • DELW2 N NA Delayed: Velvet

  • DELW3 N NA Delayed: Church

  • DELW4 N NA Delayed: Daisy

  • DELW5 N NA Delayed: Red

  • DATE N NA Date

  • MONTH N NA Month

  • YEAR N NA Year

  • DAY N NA Day

  • PLACE N NA Place

  • CITY N NA City