Mini Mental State Exam



A data frame with 11489 rows and 75 variables


A dataset with variables as follows:

  • DONE N NA Was assessment/procedure done?

  • NDREASON N NA If No, reason not done

  • WORDLIST N NA Which list was used?

  • WORD1 N NA Ball (alt: Apple)

  • WORD2 N NA Flag (alt: Penny)

  • WORD3 N NA Tree (alt: Table)

  • MMLTR1 T NA Indicate 1st letter

  • MMLTR2 T NA Indicate 2nd letter

  • MMLTR3 T NA Indicate 3rd letter

  • MMLTR4 T NA Indicate 4th letter

  • MMLTR5 T NA Indicate 5th letter

  • MMLTR6 T NA Indicate 6th letter (if given)

  • MMLTR7 T NA Indicate 7th letter (if given)

  • WORLDSCORE N NA Score: World Backwards

  • WORD1DL N NA Ball (alt: Apple)

  • WORD2DL N NA Flag (alt: Penny)

  • WORD3DL N NA Tree (alt: Table)

  • MMRECALL N Which list was used?

  • RID N Participant roster ID

  • SITEID N Site ID

  • VISCODE T Visit code

  • USERDATE S Date record created

  • EXAMDATE D Examination Date

  • MMDATE N 1. What is today's date?

  • MMDATECM T Verbatim response <!--What is today's date?-->

  • MMYEAR N 2. What is the year?

  • MMYEARCM T Verbatim response <!--What is the year?-->

  • MMMONTH N 3. What is the month?

  • MMMNTHCM T Verbatim response <!--What is the month?-->

  • MMDAY N 4. What day of the week is today?

  • MMDAYCM T Verbatim response <!--What day of the week is today?-->

  • MMSEASON N 5. What season is it?

  • MMSESNCM T Verbatim response <!--What season is it?-->

  • MMHOSPIT N 6. What is the name of this hospital (clinic, place)?

  • MMHOSPCM T Verbatim response <!--What is the name of this hospital (clinic, place)?-->

  • MMFLOOR N 7. What floor are we on?

  • MMFLRCM T Verbatim response <!--What floor are we on?-->

  • MMCITY N 8. What town or city are we in?

  • MMCITYCM T Verbatim response <!--What town or city are we in?-->

  • MMAREA N 9. What county (district, borough, area) are we in?

  • MMAREACM T Verbatim response <!--What county (district, borough, area) are we in?-->

  • MMSTATE N 10. What state are we in?

  • MMSTCM T Verbatim response <!--What state are we in?-->

  • MMBALL N 11. Ball

  • MMFLAG N 12. Flag

  • MMTREE N 13. Tree

  • MMTRIALS N 13a. Enter number of trials

  • MMD N 14. D

  • MMDLTR T Response: Letter 1

  • MML N 15. L

  • MMLLTR T Response: Letter 2

  • MMR N 16. R

  • MMRLTR T Response: Letter 3

  • MMO N 17. O

  • MMOLTR T Response: Letter 4

  • MMW N 18. W

  • MMWLTR T Response: Letter 5

  • MMBALLDL N 19. Ball

  • MMFLAGDL N 20. Flag

  • MMTREEDL N 21. Tree

  • MMWATCH N 22. Show the participant a wrist watch and ask "What is this?"

  • MMPENCIL N 23. Repeat for pencil.

  • MMREPEAT N 24. Say, "Repeat after me: no ifs, ands, or buts."

  • MMHAND N 25. Takes paper in right hand.

  • MMFOLD N 26. Folds paper in half.

  • MMONFLR N 27. Puts paper on floor.

  • MMREAD N 28. Present the piece of paper which reads, "CLOSE YOUR EYES," and say: "Read this and do what it says."

  • MMWRITE N 29. Give the participant a blank piece of paper and say: "Write a sentence."

  • MMDRAW N 30. Present the participant with the Construction Stimulus page. Say, "Copy this design."


  • USERDATE2 S Date record last updated


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