Geriatric Depression Scale



A data frame with 12076 rows and 29 variables


A dataset with variables as follows:

  • GDDATE D NA Date collected

  • SOURCE N NA Information Source

  • RID N Participant roster ID

  • SITEID N Site ID

  • VISCODE T Visit code

  • USERDATE S Date record created

  • EXAMDATE D Examination Date

  • GDSOURCE N Information Source

  • GDUNABL T Check here if:

  • GDUNABSP T If unable, explain:

  • GDSATIS N 1. Are you basically satisfied with your life?

  • GDDROP N 2. Have you dropped many of your activities and interests?

  • GDEMPTY N 3. Do you feel that your life is empty?

  • GDBORED N 4. Do you often get bored?

  • GDSPIRIT N 5. Are you in good spirits most of the time?

  • GDAFRAID N 6. Are you afraid that something bad is going to happen to you?

  • GDHAPPY N 7. Do you feel happy most of the time?

  • GDHELP N 8. Do you often feel helpless?

  • GDHOME N 9. Do you prefer to stay at home, rather than going out and doing new things?

  • GDMEMORY N 10. Do you feel you have more problems with memory than most?

  • GDALIVE N 11. Do you think its wonderful to be alive now?

  • GDWORTH N 12. Do you feel pretty worthless the way you are now?

  • GDENERGY N 13. Do you feel full of energy?

  • GDHOPE N 14. Do you feel that your situation is hopeless?

  • GDBETTER N 15. Do you think that most people are better off than you are?

  • GDTOTAL N Total Score

  • USERDATE2 S Date record last updated