Family History Questionnaire



A data frame with 2952 rows and 15 variables


A dataset with variables as follows:

  • RID N Participant roster ID

  • SITEID N Site ID

  • VISCODE T Visit code

  • USERDATE S Date record created

  • EXAMDATE D Examination Date

  • FHQSOURCE N Information Souce

  • FHQPROV N Indicate below who provided the information collected for this questionnaire:

  • FHQMOM N Dementia

  • FHQMOMAD N Alzheimer's Disease

  • FHQDAD N Dementia

  • FHQDADAD N Alzheimer's Disease

  • FHQSIB N 3. Does the participant have any siblings?

  • USERDATE2 S Date record last updated