Biomarker Samples



A data frame with 12492 rows and 63 variables


A dataset with variables as follows:

  • BILPOTPROC N NA Check if any of the following was performed

  • REASON N If no, please provide reason why the LP was not conducted

  • REASONO T If other, specify

  • NEEDLESIZE N Needle Gauge

  • COLTUBETYP N Type of collection tube used

  • SHPTUBETYP N Type of tube used for shipping

  • TUBEMIN N minutes If collected in polystyrene and shipped in polypropylene, please provide estimated amount of time CSF remained in polystyrene collection tube

  • INTERSPACE N LP performed at the

  • PTPOSITION N Patient Position

  • BLREASON N If no, please provide reason why blood was not collected

  • BLREASONO T If other, specify

  • PTPOSOTH T If other, specify

  • BICSFFAST N Was participant fasting for at least 6 hours?

  • NOCSF T If no CSF was collected, provide explanation

  • NEELDEOTH T accident

  • NEEDLEOTH T If other, specify

  • RID N Participant roster ID

  • SITEID N Site ID

  • VISCODE T Visit code

  • USERDATE S Date record created


  • BIBLOOD N Which of the following was collected at this visit?




  • BINEEDLE N Needle Used:

  • BIMETHOD N Method of Collection:

  • BIFAST N Overnight fast from midnight?

  • EXAMDATE D Examination Date

  • BITIME T Time of Collection

  • BIREDTIME T Time Collected <!--Red Top-->

  • BIREDAMT N Amount Collected <!--Serum-->

  • BIREDCENT T Centrifuged Time <!--Serum-->

  • BIREDTRNS T Transfer Time <!--Serum-->

  • BIREDVOL N Volume of Serum Transferred <!--Serum-->

  • BIREDFROZ T Time Frozen <!--Serum-->

  • BILAVTIME T Time Collected <!--Plasma-->

  • BILAVAMT N Amount Collected <!--Plasma-->

  • BILAVCENT T Centrifuged Time <!--Plasma-->

  • BILAVTRNS T Transfer Time <!--Plasma-->

  • BILAVVOL N Volume of Plasma Transferred <!--Plasma-->

  • BILAVFROZ T Time Frozen <!--Plasma-->

  • BIURITIME T Time Collected <!--Urine-->

  • BIURIAMT N Amount Collected <!--Urine-->

  • BIURITRNS T Transfer Time <!--Urine-->

  • BIURIVOL N Volume of Urine Transfered <!--Urine-->

  • BIURIFROZ T Time Frozen <!--Urine-->

  • BICSFTIME T Time Collected <!--CSF-->

  • BICSFAMT N Amount Collected <!--CSF-->

  • BICSFTRNS T Transfer Time <!--CSF-->

  • BICSFVOL N Volume of CSF Transferred <!--CSF-->

  • BICSFFROZ T Time Frozen <!--CSF-->

  • BILPPATCH N Check if any of the following was performed:



  • BILPPADATE D Date of Blood Patch

  • BILPFLDATE D Date of Fluoroscopy

  • BILPFLCOM T If Fluoroscopy performed, but no CSF was collected, provide explanation

  • BILPSPDATE D Date of Spine Film

  • BILPSPCOM T If Spine Film performed, but no CSF was collected, provide explanation

  • USERDATE2 S Date record last updated