A dataset with variables as follows:

  • RADTRACER N If no, was radiotracer administered?

  • PMAODONE N Was scan started at time of injection?

  • PMAOND N If no, why?

  • PMAONDOTH T If other, specify:

  • PMAOTIME T HH:MM:SS Early add on sequence start time:

  • PMAOCOM T Target start time for the early add on sequence is at the point of injection. If more than 10 seconds after time of Florbetapir F18 injection, then please explain:

  • AORECON N Were all reconstruction parameters the same for the early add on sequence as the standard scan?

  • AORECONDIF T If no, please explain:

  • RID N NA Participant roster ID


  • VISCODE T NA Visit code

  • USERDATE S NA Date record created

  • USERDATE2 S NA Date record last updated


  • PMCONDCT N NA Was the scan conducted?

  • PMREASON N NA Reason why the scan was not conducted:

  • PMOTHSPE T NA If Other, specify:

  • EXAMDATE D NA Examination Date


  • PMGEMODEL N NA If GE, Scanner Model:

  • PMSIEMENS T NA Siemens

  • PMSIEMODEL N NA If Siemens, Scanner Model:

  • PMPHILLIPS T NA Phillips

  • PMPHMODEL N NA If Phillips, Scanner Model:

  • PMQCTIME T NA Time of today's Scanner QC

  • PMFDGTIME T NA Time of AV-45 dose assay

  • PMFDGDOS N NA AV-45 dose assay

  • PMFDGVOL N NA AV-45 Volume

  • PMINJTIME T NA Time of AV-45 injection

  • PMSCTIME T NA Emission Scan Start Time

  • PMSCANCOM T NA <b>Target start time is 50 min AV-45 post-injection.</b> Provide an explanation if start time is not between <b>48</b> and <b>52</b> min post-injection.

  • PMVARIAT N NA Any variations from protocol during AV-45 uptake?

  • PMVARSP T NA If Yes, describe:

  • PMPROTID T NA Predefined Acquisition Protocol ID

  • PMFRAME N NA Which framing rate was used?

  • PMDEVIAT T NA If any deviations, describe:

  • PMMOTION N NA Subject motion problems:

  • PMMOTSP T NA If yes, describe:

  • PMMALFUN N NA Scanner malfunction

  • PMMALSP T NA If yes, describe:

  • PMOTHER N NA Other protocol variations:

  • PMOTHSP T NA If yes, describe:

  • PMRECON N NA Check which of the following reconstructions was used:

  • PMSUBSET N NA # subsets:

  • PMSUBSPE N NA If Other, specify

  • PMITERAT N NA # iterations:

  • PMITERSPE N NA If Other, specify:

  • PMRAMLA N NA If 3D-Ramla, Lambda=

  • PMFILTER T NA If 3D Back-Projection, Ramp filter?

  • PMMODEON N NA If FORE/2D-OSEM select one of the following:

  • PMSMOOTH T NA No post-process smoothing:

  • PMATTEN N NA Attenuation Correction:

  • PMTRNSFR N NA Was data transferred to LONI within 24 hours of scan?

  • PMTRNDATE D NA Transfer Date

  • PMTRNCOM T NA Comments

  • PMARCHIVE N NA Was all raw PET data archived locally to be able to do complete reconstruction of PET Scan if needed?

  • PMARCMED T NA Archive Medium

  • PMARCCOM T NA Comments

  • PMLPDONE N NA Was a Lumbar Puncture completed prior to the AV-45 scan?

  • PMLPINTER N NA If Yes, What was the interval between LP and AV-45?

  • PMSHARP T NA Was "Smooth" parameter set to "Sharp"?



A data frame with 3400 rows and 63 variables


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